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Typical pod in The Willows

These are the pods Known as The Willows. They also have raised heated areas, they are larger than the Arches measuring approximately 12’ x 12’, easily big enough for two large dogs. These pods have large individual outside areas where the dogs can watch the normal comings and goings of our carers & walkers. With the play times, petting and walks combined with these beautiful and spacious pods our guests get a real feeling of home life; we believe that our guests actually like coming back and do get used to us and the environment we provide.

Tiled walls & Floors Raised heated areas TV Warm Glow heaters Large Outsise area 2 Walks per day
The Arches
The Willow
Boss Suites
Castle suites
Courtyard suites

The Arches

These are the pods known as ‘The Arches’, with a raised area and under floor heating which is activated during cool weather. These pods have televisions which can be switched on as requested (from the owner not the guest), at no extra charge. They have ambient night lighting with extra night light when we are still working in the dark hours. They have an outside porch area that is covered and a long individual run that is not covered so they can freely exercise in addition to the walks they will be given. All the above comforts and walks are included in the cost of their stay, no extras are charged.

Boss Suite

This is the ‘Boss Suite’. It is a detached brick built house with a very large outside run. Fitted with a TV, lighting, raised and heated area & warm glow artificial fire it really is home from home. Like guests staying in any suite, playtime and walks and all the above comforts come at no extra cost, we’ll take your instructions in more detail on arrival and do our best to make your dog’s feel like they’re on a holiday of their own.